Nicolas Majou

Hip Hop:
Spezialist für
Popping, Locking, Breaking, Funk Styles, Street Dance

Nicolas Majou, Frankreich


2018 – 2019 TMB dance company: #Beyond.
2017 – 2019 Apassionata production, Der magische Traum – Europa tour.
Since 2011 National Choreographic Center of La Rochelle, Accrorap company, Kader Attou : Petite,, Opus 14, Un break à Mozart, Symfonia.
2012 – 2018 Chute Libre company : Drafters, Mad Men, Focus.
2007 – 2016 E.go company : Aphasie, Catch me, Magic Box.
2006 – 2017 Traine-Savates band : Rencontre d’un second genre, Aire2Funk.
2006 – 2019 Malka company : En attendant la pluie, Malandragem, Les autres et moi, Murmures,
Têtes d’affiche, Un Casse Noisette.
2004 Volubilis company : street parade in Niort.
1999 – 2009 S’poart company: Étape, Hominidés, Extra Luna, Work it, Un sourire une larme,
Bleu accord, Etre ange, Vibrations, In Vivo.

2018 TMB dance company : #Beyond
2016 Traine-Savates band : Lafrime
2010 E.go company : Catch me
2002 S’poart company : Extra Luna

Teacher and trainer
Since 2018 Workshops for GBS activities in French School.
Workshops and Master classes for actors
2017 – 2018 Workshops for National Dance Center in Paris.
2016 Trainer for the Savates Band (street music school) Show for musicians.
2015 – 2018 CCN La Rochelle, Accrorap company, Kader Attou . Master classes OPUS 14 & Petites tour, OPUS 14 cover for Dautet school students and Atlantic ballet in
La Rochelle, street parade kids carnaval in La Rochelle (FR).
2008 – 2010 E.go company : Les Abattoirs (SMAC) Bourgouin-Jallieu 17 students from 16 à 25 years old
from Istres, Fos-sur-Mer, Port-Saint-Louis, Miramas and Martigues, on the thematic of
memory and territory : Memorandum.
2002 S’poart company show for amateur dance crew Yélé : Jeux interdits.
Stage coaching and tour management
Since 2015 Chill Bump : Ego Trip & Going nowhere stage coaching and tour management
Set & Match : Cosy Bang Bangalbum and tour, stage coaching.

1997 – 2019 Sharing and competing all around the world, constantly learning from others.
2016 Contemporary dance teacher diploma, National Dance Center in Paris (FR).
2005 National circus school in Châtellerault (FR), handstand balance, acrobatics, acting
1999 Kelsouk company, Poitiers, first stage work approche.
1998 Accrorap company, Cie Käfig, Hip-Hop, breakdance knowledge and technik.
1997 Rêvolution company, first steps and classes.