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Spezialistin für Limon-Technik
Modern Dance Weiterbildung

Arienne (Master of Education) is a dance teacher for modern dance/Limón-based in academies and private schools. Since 2009 she is working at Codarts, teaching at the music theatre department and dance teacher department, teaching dance and dance didactics. She is also a studycoach, vice-president of the board of examiners and a member of the professorship blended learning. She is fascinated by how people learn. Finding the balance in the education between group and individual, between giving space and giving directions, between process and result, between authentic artistic development and craftsmanship is a daily challenge for her. Her master thesis in the education of Learning and Innovating was about peer feedback. She developed a strategy to implement peer feedback through the curriculum of the music theatre department. Beside her work at Codarts Arienne is a free-lance teacher/choreographer and also working at Fontys (dance education).

In her dance classes she wants her dancers to find maximum freedom without losing control, the principles of the Limón-technique contribute to that. She enjoys the organic movement, the flow and the use of energy and dynamics, the feeling of being a dancing Human. Music is an important inspiration in all of her work.


  • VWO (Samenwerkingsschool, Waddinxveen) – graduated 1984
  • Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy – graduated 1989

Specialisation: jazzdance, modern dance and ballet

  • Master “Learning and Innovation” Hogeschool – graduated 2014

Masterthesis: Peer feedback in the education Music theatre


  • Specialisation in the Limón technique New York: June-July 1988, July 2002, July 2004, July 2006
  • Choreografieanalysis -Valerie Preston-Dunlop – February 1993
  • International Educators Workshop Lincoln

Center Institute NY, introduction in “Aesthetic Education” – July 2010

  • International Educators Workshop Lincoln
  • Center Institute NY. Advanced course – July 2011
  • Teachertraining GYROKINESIS® March 2018- May 2019

Working experience

2009-present: Teacher modern didactics and Children dance at Codarts Dance teacher department, also studycoach, internship coaching, research coach, vice-chair exam commity and member of researchgroup professorship blended learning. Until 2017 teacher modern dance at Codarts department Music theatre. Modern dance technique classes to all students. In 2014-2015 project leader “peer-feedback”. Innovation project for the implementation of peer review and peer assessment in the curriculum.

2016-present: Teacher modern dance and didactics at the academy for dance educationFontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. In 2018-2019 conducting research flexibility and teacher GYROKINESIS®.

2006-2009/2012-2016: Teacher VBK Houten, modern dance classes talent groups

1985-present: Freelance teacher/rehearsal director: workshops classes, auditions and rehearsing productions. Among others LKCA, CKE, Theatergroup DOX, The humans-Alexander Singh, KNGU, Hogeschool In Holland, Avans (PABO), SKVR, Productiehuis Brabant, The Circle Rotterdam and Utrecht.

1997-2015: Teacher dance at Danscentrum Utr­ec­ht: technique classes jazzdance and modern dance (Limón-based). Choreographer of “Lichtgeraakt”(2009) and “Storingsfactor F” (2010). Worked as rehearsal director in  “Link” (2003) and“Between Lines”(2007) and at the “danswerkplaats” (2004/2005).

1998- june 2012: Teacher, rehearsal director and project leader education at De Stilte in Breda. Teaching company class and rehearsing repertoire and new work.

2002-2008: Teacher movement at the Theaterkade: teacher modern dance, coach, mentor and choreographer:  “Entre-deux” (2005), “Water” (2006) and “De meiden” (2007)

1984- 2002: Dance teacher and coordinator ­T.O.O.S. Waddinxveen

1991- 2000: Dance teacher and choreographer at youth theatre school Zuid-Hol­land

1989-1990: Dancer at modern dance company “Kartel”, productions: „Daad doodt het verlangen“ (1989) and „Fi­les“. (1990). Dancer in production “Impromptus”  Anna Teixido (Meekers)

Experience in the Limón technique

During my studies at the Rotterdam Dance Academy (now Codarts) my teacher in Limón-technique was Louise Frank. We also had guest teachers from NY and repertoire projects.

Although the program offered different modern dance techniques (Graham, Cunningham, Laban) my favourite technique was always Limón.

That’s why I went to NY in 1988. I studied with Ruth Currier. I took her class daily and I followed classes and a repertoire workshop from Jim May.

The years after I took classes in Holland at the Henny Juriens Foundation  in Amsterdam. I took classes of different teachers, some of them  taught Limón like Joe Allegado and I met him again when I went to Vienna in 2016 where I took his advanced class.

In danscentrum Utrecht I started teaching Limón-based classes and wanted more information about how to teach the technique, so I went to NY (2002) to take the technique-repertoire and methodology course of Risa Steinberg. I also took classes of Betty Jones, Alan Danielson, Sue Bernhard, Katherine Alter.

In 2004 I went to NY again for the two weeks with Risa, because  I was so Inspired by her. I taught technique and repertoire workshops in Holland and in my years at the Stilte I worked with professional dancers and my company class was Limón-based.